Homeopathy for pets is not a new development. Developed hundreds of years ago it is now used globally for both people and animals. There are no proven chemical side effects, no adverse interaction with other medications that we know of and the aim is to treat holistically, stimulating the body to heal itself gently without the aid of chemicals.

It is a truly holistic system of medicine used by pet owners on themselves as well as for their pets. It can be used in place of or alongside conventional medication, we would strongly advise seeking Veterinarian advice (homeopathic or conventional). Many Pet Insurances now include homeopathic remedies within their policies.

Homeopathic treatment is really good for animals who respond poorly to conventional treatment, instances where side effect or drug reactions prevent the use of conventional drugs, very long term conditions with little or no effective conventional treatment .

Homeopathy is used for many conditions including skin problems, urinary problems, colitis, diarrhoea, heart problems, allergies, digestive problems, overheating, arthritis, sore throats, sore ears, behavioural changes/problems, the list is not exhaustive.