Alpha Spirit 85/15 Cat Treats


Alpha Spirit semi moist meat treats; grain free, healthy and functional. Packed with 85% fresh meat (1kg:2.8kg), 15% Vegetables and Taurine enriched.  Bring out the ‘wild spirit’ in your feline friend.  Recommended by Vets

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Alpha Spirit Grain Free Treats

Bring out the ‘Wild Spirit’ in your feline friend.  Alpha Spirit Sticks are highly palatable (85% fresh meat/fish), healthy (15% legume sprouts and Taurine enriched), available in rolls of 8 individually wrapped sticks to keep the treats fresh and moist.  Every kilo made has 2.8kg of fresh meat!

Available in 3 varieties:  Light (low fat), Bright Skin and Premium

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Light, Bright Skin, Premium

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