BAGGEE Novel Plastic Bag Dispenser


BAGGEES are funky plastic carrier bag holders which are designed to fit on a keychain for storing all types of plastic bags or scrunchable items or attach to your keys or handbag.




The BAGGEE  is a flexible hollow ball on a spring lever key chain that can accommodate 2-3 super market plastic bags.  Great for holding bags for shopping, dog walking, camping, festivals, boating (they float!), nappy sacks or anything scrunchable including nurses latex gloves or any outdoor pursuit where bags are needed!

The BAGGEE plastic bag dispenser is an ethical accessory (100% recyclable) and becoming increasingly popular in areas where shops charge for bags.  Okay, so you’re not tying yourself to a tree in the rainforest but you’re still doing your bit for the environment.

Finally re-use all those pesky plastic bags that are lurking in your drawers or under the sink OR buy 2 and use one for your dog’s waste bags (attach to your pets’ lead and never be caught without again)!

Available in assorted colours:  Pale Blue, Lime Green, Turquoise, Grey, Hot Pink and Purple.

Made in the UK



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Pale Blue, Lime Green, Turquoise, Grey, Hot Pink, Purple

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