Beaphar Calming Collar for Cats


Anxious pet?  Strange behaviour?  Constant meowing, scratching, marking territory, cowering?  Someone is very stressed and so are you. The Calming Collar for Cats by Beaphar works a treat in helping reduce these symptoms.

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Calming Collar by Beaphar

Effectively reduces problem behaviour arising from stressful situations in cats of all breeds and ages. Using Valerian and Lavender which are often used in human healthcare to manage stress.  It leaves cats feeling calm, settled, relaxed and reduces problem behaviour. This can be especially important in a multi-cat (or pet) household as cats are particularly sensitive to other animals and changes in their environment. Once fitted, valerian will be released immediately and the cat will begin to relax within approximately one hour and will be effective for up to 6 weeks.

The collar features a safety mechanism which allows the cat to slip its head out if the collar were to become caught up on something.

Still effective if it gets wet but do remove if you are going to shampoo your cat and replace when the cat is dry.

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