Beaphar Household Flea Spray 300ml


Best friend a dog or cat?  Scratching constantly? Little critters biting you and them? Yep! Definitely time for Flea killing spree.  Attacks flea larvae, adults and other listed insects.


Beaphar Extra Long Lasting Household Flea Spray

A premium flea control product. It gives rapid knockdown of adult and larval fleas as well other crawling pests such as cockroaches, ants, or silverfish.
Contains the Insect Growth Regulator “Methoprene” which prevents flea eggs or flea larvae from maturing into adults, for up to six months. Once dry, the product is an ideal flea treatment for carpets that children may play or crawl on.
Don’t forget to vacuum and wash pet bedding regularly.
Controls fleas for up to 6 months. Re-apply if pests are still present after 14 days or if the surface is washed.
Size:  Volume 300ml
Hazardous to bees.

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