Winter Is Coming ..Brrr!!

winter bunnies  Winter is well and truly on it’s way.  Snow, Sleet and driving rain already taking  it’s toll.

Lots of things to remember to protect yourselves, your pets, wild animals and don’t forget the many stray, unwanted pets!

For you:  wellies

  •   safety shoes – wellies are great and so many different, funky colours;
  •   warm clothes; scarf, gloves, hat, thermals, loadsa layers
  •   brushed clear paths
  •   ? do we bother with snow tyres and ice chains ??
For the animals:
cat bowl 2  grub for the strays Alfa hay bales    hay for the outdoor boys & girls and  mealworm-fruitplenty of protein & fats for the wild life!
 or ..  Japanese Macques we could be doing more than this!!!

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